Part 2 of Oriental

Written by: Professor Abdolreza Shahrabi Farahani and Professor Seyed Vahab Mirsalehi, The examination of disagreements between Western Philosophy and Oriental Sciences and Philosophy

KARMA: The comprehensiveness of the law of karma is one of the main factors in linking the elements of being. This law not only includes humans but also animals, plants, and minerals, and all these elements form a large family with a complex and inseparable history. Isaac Newton witnessed the falling of an apple from a tree in his family’s garden at the age of 23. Of course, contrary to what is said, the apple did not hit him, but this fall became the basis for the theory of universal gravity. In that same year, 1665, Newton discovered three laws of motion, one of which was: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction in the opposite direction.

Isaac Newton’s laws are commonly used for the mutual effects of forces and physical objects. Gravity and gravitational force: but this law of action and reaction also applies to emotions and thoughts. Karma is different from fate and destiny because it prepares us to play an active role in our lives. The law of karma is about following the highest ethical principles at the peak of self-awareness. When we reach the lofty position of self-awareness, we are still accountable for our daily actions, but we have exhausted our past lives’ karma. We may keep this broad awareness throughout our lives, or we may only experience it briefly in moments of self-awareness, but we will always learn that there is always a risk of losing our 360-degree insight.

Eastern masters prefer to balance their karmic load at the end of their current life and live in the temples of life. They forget their past behaviors and habits through spiritual practices and believe that they can fulfill their spiritual destiny without being forced to reincarnate, achieving spiritual freedom. From the perspective of “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy”, this is called spiritual liberation.

One of the duties of loving and compassionate masters is to care for everyone, regardless of their spiritual status because we are all together on this beautiful spiritual journey, and the sufferings of life are not always the consequences of our past actions but also involve more delicate matters. Spiritual and physical evolution is one of the delicacies of life. If we have experienced abuse and fear in our lives, we may still have these emotions preserved in our psyche, and perhaps we are still experiencing fear and tension in our current life. As long as we do not remember the original source of our soul and do not forget our concerns, these fears and tensions will remain, and our minds will not be free for spiritual and physical evolution, and consequently, illnesses will occur.

The law of karma teaches us the sense of responsibility. Love in daily life means making every effort to protect ourselves from evil, while in the spiritual dimension, understanding the meaning of responsibility is realizing that we are worthy of our current level of awareness. If we only consider each person’s life as a single lifetime, this statement seems illogical. In a single life, it seems that we suffer without any apparent reason or become endlessly blessed, and in this situation, creation appears to be hostile and meaningless to many people, which is the main cause of many mental and psychological illnesses and senseless depressions. If we become a hindrance to someone’s progress, we will face karmic debts, and karmic debts are the main causes of inherited illnesses and incurable diseases. By reviewing the actions of our ancestors and ourselves, it becomes clear that we have not yet learned the law of love and must learn many lessons. The cause of our suffering is not a world of hatred and revenge, but whatever happens is the product of our actions and those of our ancestors. Karmic debts must be paid, and the lesson must be learned. The world is the one that helps each soul through its experiences to cultivate the highest spiritual potential, so open your arms to understand.

Perhaps it can be said that the worst violation of the law of karma is the misuse of spiritual power for personal gain. History is full of people who have used their psychic powers for personal gain, and these abuses of spiritual and psychic powers have no place in “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” and will not be acceptable under any circumstances. These false and deceitful teachers owe a great debt to the people of the world, which they will eventually have to pay and pay for their religion. Nature cannot be fooled, and real experiential learning is the true teacher of humans. When a lesson, especially a spiritual one, is learned, there is no longer a need to experience it, and the karma has come to an end. We can start a new spiritual lesson and experience to get closer to real evolution, which is not about absolution or forgiveness but a sign of spiritual growth.

Self-knowledge cannot be bought from the market or ordered from a teacher. Nor can it be attained by just talking about it without experiencing it. We must journey within ourselves hundreds of times a day and learn a lesson on the path of self-knowledge. However, each person must choose and experience for themselves, and we should not create spiritual followers for ourselves.

Spiritual maturity occurs when we realize that we are the creators of our own events and life circumstances, and if we learn something in the way of creation that is best and most beneficial for everyone, we have actually learned a step in the path of self-knowledge in reality. Another technique is to use the fundamental laws of science, namely the law of conservation of matter and energy, which dictates that matter neither comes into existence nor disappears but only transforms from one form to another. This transformation later became the foundation of Einstein’s physics.

The French chemist Antoine Lavoisier discovered this law in the late 18th century, just before he was executed during the French Revolution. Since then, many scientists, including John Dalton, Albert Einstein, and others, have studied and expanded upon this law. They discovered that the total amount of matter and energy in the universe is always constant, and these quantities only transform into each other.

Oriental masters believe that each component of the universe is part of a cycle, and all components of the universe, including stars, galaxies, planets, the entire universe, and all living beings, are made up of common elements. From the perspective of physics, astrophysics, and cosmology, all universes are made up of common elements. It is true that there may be differences of opinion in some cases, but in my opinion, their generalities are the same. The meanings of laws may be interpreted differently in each principle. The ultimate goal of learning the secret of survival is to love and find a safe way to return home. Some people have experienced temporary death and in those moments, they were able to observe their injured body from above and have a general view of other worlds. Although most of these observations are actually due to lack of oxygen to the brain, which creates illusions and imagery. Most of these individuals have experienced moments full of excitement and lightheartedness in these conditions.

Do not forget that this is an Eastern perspective. In the “THE ETHERIC” realm, you see what you expect, hope for, or fear. All of them are there.

Why does a child have talent in something different from their parents?

Doesn’t DNA get copied accurately?

To continue to survive on Earth, we must be able to focus on our current identity and deal with everyday events.

Karma is a rope that connects us to our relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, which in today’s modern conditions has taken on a more scientific form of ancient concepts. Through special spiritual practices, we will be able to recall past lives, and with this act, we will remember events that have an effect on our current life. These events lead to insight in solving current spiritual problems.

The mentioned records are archived in the (THE CAUSAL) level. They are as easily accessible as using a library in the physical realm, but the ability will come when we acquire the capacity to tolerate this information. We often go to another physical school for spiritual education. From this perspective, the soul does not attach importance to suffering or pleasure, poverty or wealth, and power, but only seeks the next spiritual experience and is inevitably bound to create balance in its karmic debts. According to the principle mentioned above, those who seek spirituality in the present have also pursued these interests in their past. Many scholars and activists in “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” have been educated under the tutelage of great masters in this field, so they have an unbreakable bond with spiritual teachings, albeit unconsciously. In the spiritual worlds, there is a single conceptual goal that guides the soul towards its true nature. Distinguishing between illusion and reality allows the soul to find itself in a state of tranquility and spirituality.

The synchronization of sounds, visual effects, and different vibrational speeds in spiritual worlds, through the journey of the soul in spiritual teachings, provides the possibility of self-awareness in this life for those who seek it. Considering spiritual worlds as levels of existence makes their description easier, and each level or class is in accordance with a particular level of awareness and vibration.

Self-awareness is gained in the realm of the soul, and just beyond that separating boundary are the superior worlds: spiritual, sub-spiritual, and psychological. The realm of the soul is the only level of the superior worlds where the soul is still wrapped in the shroud of the physical body.

Each class, whether psychological or spiritual, is identified by its own unique sound and frequency, which creates action and reaction and allows us to enter these classes. The sound of the realm of the soul is the sound of a solo flute.

The physical world is a space where we spend most of our lives. The densest and most complex form of matter is created by the lowest range of vibrational frequencies (the physical realm).

THE PHYSICAL: In this realm, life is short, and understanding spiritual laws is usually limited to a few people. However, in “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” we learn that our experiences are not limited to this realm.

THE ASTRAL: It is not unlikely that during dreams, we spend a lot of time in a purer state of consciousness in the astral plane. Our body is lighter, and our vibrations are higher in this realm. The astral plane is the source of human emotions and psychic phenomena. Most people live in this realm after physical death, which is known by different names in various divine beliefs and religions.

THE ASTRAL: realm is much larger and more beautiful than the physical realm, and it is often mistaken for the eternal home of humans or paradise. Spiritual beings residing in this realm remain with earthly standards such as angels, and unfortunately, the rulers of this realm appear to be gods for those who are not familiar with the realms beyond it.

People who are religious and believers may not accept this belief, and I strongly disagree with it as well. This is the highest level where through the disregard of the astral realm and continuous practice in both religion and the journey of the soul, one can reach ultimate self-awareness and fully understand it.

THE CAUSAL: If you are looking for the seeds and effective causes of your current life, you can visit the “THE CAUSAL” plane and review the “Akashic” records in this realm. However, it should be remembered that you have no right to enter, possess, or disclose the information seen to others under any circumstances. This instruction is to prevent any interference or possession of information in this realm, which may cause a serious Karmic debt in the future. Therefore, it is recommended not to enter this plane under any circumstances.

The sound of the “THE CAUSAL” plane – “Belz” is one of the musical instruments in the shape of a triangle and has a penetrating and stable sound. When we move towards the state of superior awareness, it can mesmerize the human landscapes, but it can also be a trap because in these conditions, the desire to stop will be very strong, and for this reason, we mistakenly think that we have reached the highest level of awareness. However, this perspective is incorrect because we should never stop on the path of evolution and always strive to get closer to spiritual evolution through spiritual practices and philosophy. Approaching spiritual evolution rejects the notion that we can stop and not continue on our path just because we see attractive landscapes in one of these realms.

One of the reasons for continuous practice is not to forget that the line of spiritual evolution is a rope that should not be cut and we must always hold onto it. Therefore, this perspective that we can or should stop on our own accord is rejected, and it will not be acceptable under any circumstances. In fact, we are not looking for a secret because there is no secret in nature, and humans must always seek the source of their existence.

Some people can hold onto this rope through spiritual practices, some through science, and some through their daily lives. The goal of all these paths is the same, which is to reach self-awareness, and this is also called the rank of love.

Open your heart to the world of existence.

THE MENTAL: The source of the mind and its creations, including philosophy, ethics, and oral teachings, is located in the mental plane. This place is very vast and full of advanced spiritual beings.

AUM: It is used by many “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” and art students, and even some religious and ideological groups use it, which is actually derived from this plane. Although this plane is very spiritual, its inhabitants are still subject to physical laws because the mental plane still has a part of the subterranean realms within it. To enter the spiritual and real planes, we must empty our minds.

The soul uses the mind as a tool, but it cannot be guided by it.

The mind is not capable of understanding the true nature of our being because everything in the world of the mind is different. Self-awareness is only recognized in the field of experience, and often descriptions of it are incorrect because they are based on the power of the mind. Concentration, and of course, thinking, reasoning, and experiencing various sciences, and creating a mind free from all things unnecessary and useless, suffice in accordance with the higher laws.

THE ETHERIC: This plane is the border between the subterranean and the higher planes. The term “higher” does not mean something beyond, but only defines the border. This plane is the source of the unconscious, instincts, and primitive thoughts. The sound of this plane is the buzzing of bees. The more we move on the path of spiritual blossoming, the more we will visit and pass through higher planes. These journeys are unique experiences because each of us has a unique place on the ladder of spiritual blossoming. Although this place may be different and is like a fingerprint or DNA, it is unique to each person.

LOVE: Love is the ultimate state of awareness. Love is the essence of existence that unites realities and connects souls to each other. The more the soul ascends to higher planes, the greater this love becomes. Love is a rope that connects all worlds to each other. At first glance, humans cannot see or understand love, but love grows within them like an acorn in the heart and gradually flows towards this world as the individual’s window of consciousness opens, transforming everything.

It is said that a wise person is one who has spirituality stored within themselves while also having a channel for spiritual love to flow through. A spiritual lover is not someone who only shares their empathy with a limited few but rather shares love with everyone, even those whom only a few understand it.

They can live among the sick, the thieves, and the madmen because they accept them for who they are and love everyone. Of course, this does not mean that they have to live with these people, but rather, if love is truly understood, it can be a light in the darkness. They are wise because they generously give what they have to their fellow beings without any reason but love.

Philosophy of Love and Power:

There is no mystery or doubt in the superiority of love over the mind. The mind enjoys small games and psychological adventures like the power of crystal-speaking (illusion), but someone who is seeking self-awareness does not give importance to these illusions because they are after the essence (sound and light). For this purpose, one must have a golden heart, a heart filled with pure love. Love is the same factor that connects or breaks relationships in a family or society.

The purity of love connects, while the levels of illusion separate. Pure love makes everything easier. The golden heart is the key to pure love, and with a golden heart, the journey of the soul is much simpler. But awakening must begin from the heart.

So far, we have arrived at the point that “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” are a great, extensive, and spiritual science that has been left to us as an inheritance from great masters, and in today’s world, we have only examined the correlations with other sciences and made a connection between them.

Human beings always want to be informed about their future, and we often ask about our destiny, emotional and physical well-being, happiness, health, or wealth.

Even large commercial companies spend millions of dollars to obtain information about the future, often using ancient methods of prediction: individuals who have deviated from ethical and moral principles and have sold themselves to some extent for money, violating the laws.

Real teachers and students, on the other hand, choose the spiritual path of returning to their past lives instead of prediction. They believe that if someone learns how to use karma, they will reach the union of the power of sound and light, which purifies the soul and begins insight: an insight that will no longer need to predict the future because all moments of life are beautiful and sweet and must be experienced in the moment, not through predicting the future.

Daily cycles are part of monthly cycles, and recent groups are part of annual cycles, and so on, until there is no end: with an understanding of the physical cycles of the Earth, we can predict the time and place of the emergence of the moon and the sun. This prediction may seem like a miracle to someone who is unaware of the movement of the Earth around the sun and the laws of gravity and light, but in reality, it is nothing but a hidden reality that has not been revealed.

It is generally believed that astronomical, physical, and optical predictions are based on the constant speed of light and the orbital motion of galaxies, stars, planets, and asteroids, and not based on imagination and non-reality.

This is also true for spiritual cycles, and the only difference between them is that astronomical predictions will not have destructive effects because they are based on physics and its laws, but it is slightly different for spiritual cycles and information should not be used for prediction because the evolutionary cycles of time and space are disrupted and can lead us into deep and terrifying karmic debts.

All universes and creatures in them are governed by gravitational and spiritual cycles. In this way, prediction becomes a natural talent, and the cycles governing people’s beliefs take on a spiritual meaning. These teachers analyze the process of events based on the memory of the soul, but entering the realm of soul memory can have dangerous consequences. Based on the principles of karma or changes in the nature of time and space, this activity is seriously prohibited.

The extent to which future events can be observed depends on the spiritual knowledge of the individual. Astronomical knowledge originates from the (THE ETHERIC) level, which is only one level higher than the world (physical).

What events does the future hold?

Unfortunately, to those who believe that they can turn the Earth into a paradise, it must be said that this beautiful planet is a planet of war. After every period of peace and tranquility, there is a longer period of insecurity and war, and this is the nature of the subterranean worlds that are characterized by death and life, happiness and suffering.

The only way to establish a heavenly earth is to allow our awareness to rise to the level of the soul, meaning that despite living in a physical body, we focus our attention on pure love.

The heavy responsibility lies on the shoulders of the teachers because the achievements and information gained through this path can easily be misused. Many people, if informed of what will happen to future generations of humans, will lose their spiritual balance, and some will try to access this information and exploit it for their personal and financial gain. It is a law that we are not allowed to misuse our knowledge to exert influence and power over others. In fact, the spiritual dimensions have an infinite power, and this power should not be in the hands of profit-seekers.

In the field of “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” love and a sense of responsibility govern everything, so the failure to transfer this knowledge to the public and the silence of teachers in this field are due to the two principles of spirituality and humanity, on which it is based and moves forward.

The Wisdom of the Golden Language is a phenomenon that teaches how to track spiritual guidance in everyday worldly events. A slight modification to the original Wisdom of the Golden Language creates the concept of the lucid dream.

Here is an example: Imagine you see a picture of a butterfly, but in your mind, it appears as a bee that starts with the letter (B).

Several hours later, you hear your spouse using the word (B) frequently in their speech, and the following week, a friend contacts you and recommends using vitamin (B) for your illness. Here, the relationship between these three events becomes clear. You start taking vitamin (B), and the problem you requested help for is resolved.

The spirit or self-connects symbolic events to each other to convey a specific message to the mind. What was mentioned above is an example of a lucid dream that may have happened to all of us in different ways, and after tracking similar events, a particular message is given.

The use of lucid dreaming has been prevalent in “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” and is now taught to some art enthusiasts. The unknown powers and secrets that are hidden within us are nothing but ourselves and our inner selves. Therefore, embark on a healthy and positive thinking journey within yourself to achieve self-discovery and self-awareness.

SOLVING PROBLEMS: For humans, there is no problem greater than themselves, and each person is tested according to their level of understanding and tolerance. No one will be tested beyond their limits, and every problem that a person faces has a spiritual solution hidden within themselves. The root of every person’s problem lies in the most hidden and vulnerable aspect of their existence.

The key to success in any subject, such as mathematics, history, art, etc., is solving related problems, and usually, the problem itself contains the solution. By gaining more experience, we will be able to solve problems better, and the more we strive towards mastering life and building self-confidence, the more progress we will make.

This progress is multiplied by solving mental problems, and this is true in the school of life as well. However, sometimes problems seem beyond our abilities. In such situations, an opportunity for our spiritual growth is provided, and in fact, in the midst of severe events and problems, we will have a better chance of achieving spiritual growth.

Having a complete understanding of spirituality, which is a window towards self-discovery, helps us overcome the fear of facing what seems beyond our capabilities. Remember that all of these techniques, methods, and names are nothing but a love for yourself. This is also an example of a method for opening the window of the heart to love and ultimately developing a happier and more fulfilling life. Knowing how to devote everything to love while making a serious effort to solve problems is, in fact, the key to spiritual problem-solving.

For every problem, such as illness or lack of self-discipline, there is a spiritual exercise, and it is sufficient to look within yourself and ask whether this is a spiritual problem or a disease caused by viruses, financial or emotional issues, etc. Then, you can identify the appropriate exercise for that problem and perform it, and with certainty, the opened window towards God will help you.

INITIATIONS: During spiritual connections, vital mysteries are conveyed to us, facilitating the process of destruction (Karma). The best and most complete instructions for spiritual exercises are provided during this time, and this preparation essentially helps open the internal windows of vision and hearing. Anyone who gains the worthiness of the next spiritual connections in their spiritual progress is the best, and each spiritual connection strengthens the loving bond between human and the world of existence.

The mind lacks sufficient power to perceive worlds beyond the realm of the spirit, and this ability limits our understanding of paradise and our connection with it. From our physical dimensions, we can identify 14 spiritual connections. However, there is always something called an extra element. This means that there is no end to the spiritual universes. Spiritual worlds are not limited to a border.

Each of us enters these connections with different levels of awareness, and our spiritual blossoming degree is self-awareness, not connection to non-existent spiritual connections. For some, this may be their first encounter with sound and light power teachings. After the first connection, which is granted in a dream, connections are taught through two methods: internal and external, or physical and spiritual.

Spirituality can manifest through various channels, and it depends on the individual and the path they choose to reach spiritual levels.

However, the point I’ve always emphasized is that all of these paths can be misleading. So, should we not take any path because we might get lost?

The choice is yours: you can stand still and not move, or you can continue on your path, but in both cases, there will be a possibility of getting lost. Experience will not cause confusion, but confusion can lead to experience. – Professor Farahani.

It depends on which path and window we enter the world of the mind through. Some paths may seem simpler and more rational, but they are merely imaginary and no one can claim to have benefited from someone else’s experience and speech and to have been successful in traveling to the depths of the mind and to unexplored lands.

The path that leads to infinity is a path full of endless mysteries and unknowns, and of course, it is a path full of countless dangers. Until you have the courage to jump into the sea and overcome the fear of drowning, confusion will accompany the infinite paths, and the worst and most terrifying nightmares will seem funny compared to them. If you are looking for infinity, which I personally do not recommend, you need a strong heart and an infinite mind because any image can mislead you.

To find infinity, you must be infinite.


1- “Here is (bad).”

2- “Here is (good).”

3- “Here is (bad) that is located in (good).”

4- “Here is (good) that is located in (bad).”

5- “Life is here.”

Do these 5 titles need any changes or explanations?

The Yin-Yang symbol represents the balance and harmony between two opposing concepts such as light and dark, male and female, heaven and earth, and so on, and is one of the most recognized concepts and principles in Chinese philosophy. However, this symbol alone cannot draw parallel universes without the need for scientific and specialized knowledge in modern physics and its theories. Of course, this symbol can be used as a symbol of harmony and balance to explain concepts such as harmony between parallel universes, but this subject requires more scientific and philosophical knowledge.

There were no telescopes or laws of physics and mathematics: the philosophical and accurate answer to this is that the Yin-Yang symbol is a reflection of our internal and external selves, and there is no secret hidden in it. In fact, Yin-Yang is a symbol of the inner and outer truth of all of us, which is the basis for many sciences. It is a simple circle of black and white.

But is truth really simple? If there is thought, then yes, it is simple. But if there is no thought, it appears like an unknown star in the depths of the universe, which will take centuries to reveal itself to us. So think and reach rational conclusions. Yin-Yang is a black and white representation of human personality and evolution. It can have everything that it needs and can also lack it. It shows human spiritual and personal levels well, but its main concept is unity, oneness, being everything, and being nothing. The unity and oneness is the same principle of the oneness of the elements of a star and the elements that shape the entire universe and life.

This circle is life: the world has no expectations. Night will follow day and day will follow night, without any expectation. This shows us that the path of human and life evolution, and the entire universe, is not a dead end but a continuous process that will not stop.

Humans must understand that there is no right to stand still or stop on this evolutionary path and must always keep moving forward: from the darkest point to the brightest. Perhaps the most prominent and clear message in the Yin-Yang symbol is moving from the darkest point to the brightest. When we are born, we are at the peak of darkness, and we move along the line between darkness and light, gradually reaching the inner light, which is the birth and evolution of the soul and body.

The final point is the inner light, which is actually the peak of spirituality in a process of thinking, reasoning, experience, and the right to choose in life. When we reach this high level, we will return to ourselves.

In the path of movement from the black point to its end, which is the point of light, we must move towards evolution without stopping on the current path. This evolution will not be possible under any circumstances except through thinking, reasoning, experience, and choice, and any kind of path can be taken through this process.

With spiritual and physical exercises, one can also achieve self-knowledge if the evolutionary process I mentioned is followed. The circle drawn around the Yin-Yang symbol represents the true axis of time on all levels of human, life, and the universe. It represents a 360-degree evolutionary orbit that begins at a starting point, but its end is not conceivable: every time you think you have reached the end of the line, you will see that you have returned to the starting point. Some people stop, but some continue on their way, and in this 360-degree orbit, they will continue their evolutionary path.

The Psychological Development from the Perspective of Oriental Sciences and Philosophy:

Breathing is the essence of life, and without it, there would be no existence. From the largest to the smallest living creatures, all require breathing. Humans can survive without food and water for a while, but without oxygen for breathing, they can only last between 1 to 3 minutes.

Therefore, it is clear that the essence of life is dependent on breathing. However, it is important to note that the correct method of breathing is what shapes our health, power, and the foundation of our existence.

A proper and regulated method of breathing can increase our chances of survival in this world and enhance our vitality, resistance to pressure, and overall well-being. By learning the science of breathing, not only can we acquire natural benefits but also gain mental powers, happiness, self-control, success, and spiritual superiority.

The science of breathing, like many other sciences, has two sides: internal and external. The external aspect of breathing is known to everyone since it is what the body does from birth to death, and it does not require any interpretation or explanation. Therefore, we will focus on the internal aspect of breathing, which is the intended purpose.

Overall, the “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” emphasize the importance of breathing as a means to enhance one’s psychological development and spiritual growth. The correct method of breathing can lead to physical and mental benefits, and it is essential to understand the internal aspect of breathing for optimal results.

From ancient times to the present day, all scientists have had and still have a similar theoretical view that there is a substance in the air that is the source of all our bodily functions and activities. This substance is called “Prana” in Sanskrit, which translates to “life force” or “life energy”.

Prana is found in all life forms, from the smallest bacteria to humans and large and small plants, and all other types of creatures. It exists in the air, but it is not part of the structure of the air. Without this substance, we would all die. The translation of “life force” demonstrates the function of this substance. We breathe this substance along with oxygen, but Prana is not oxygen. We need to breathe and take this substance into our bodies.

Prana is the essence and foundation of human life. It is the source of understanding for scientists, the basis of genius for geniuses, and the foundation of the works of philosophers.

Most people are unaware of the existence of this substance in the air they breathe, and although they breathe it, they do not benefit from it. This substance is what nourishes the brain, opens the lungs, and gives meaning to our existence.

Oriental Sciences and Philosophy cannot be found in equations; instead, they are found in the essence of human existence. To discover and reveal it, we must become aware of our entire being.

We breathe in this substance unconsciously, but because we have no understanding of its nature, we do not benefit from it, even though it is sometimes observed that people have benefited from it. However, the person does not have any level of consciousness or awareness of their surroundings.

This was demonstrated in the 2013 “Cosmic Consciousness” experiment conducted by a group of scientists in California, which proved that a person may have a high level of scientific knowledge but may not be aware and conscious of their surrounding environment.

The experiment was conducted between a physics professor and a patient with brain death, and it was found that the patient in a coma was more aware of their surroundings than the professor. This is because when the brain is in a state of death, it uses all its potential to stay alive, and at that moment, it unconsciously uses all the “Prana” that enters the body.

Prana, in the theory of “Principles of Mechanic Time” is the same as environmental information.

Imagine using “Prana” without any specific illness or problem, and you will definitely experience a new world that has somehow affected the spiritual state of human beings. A person who has found a way to access Prana displays power and attractiveness in their appearance, movements, behavior, and speech, and everyone notices these qualities in their first encounter. One of their characteristics is the ability to control the nerves.

Just as oxygen in human blood is considered an essential need for blood through its interaction and movement, Prana is also considered an essential need for the nervous system of the body. The science of breathing, which is one of the most practical sciences in Eastern sciences, is much more important than just a superficial view. Therefore, an effort has been made to explain this science in simple language for you.

Observing order and organization is beneficial for every task, whether it is a spiritual exercise, performing religious duties, daily tasks, or in the fields of science and philosophy. Everything in nature is constantly in motion, and there is nothing static in the entire universe.

Even when you are sitting on a couch at home, you are still in motion; because the earth is rotating and you are rotating with it. Even all the electrons of the atoms in the human body are in motion. The structure of matter always exists in a regular, orderly, and permanent state of action and reaction.

From the moment of conception to birth, from infancy to childhood, from childhood to youth, from youth to old age, from old age to death, from death to decomposition and reemergence, everything is in a regular and orderly motion of rotation and movement, and it is impossible for particles that existed in a certain form in the past week or month to be the same in the next week or month.

All particles and all creatures in the world are constantly changing and transforming, and are in a state of constant action and reaction. However, in this constant change and transformation, there is an extraordinary order and organization that commands and ensures the survival of the universe. It is this order and organization that forms the basis for the establishment and survival of the world.

The rotation of planets around the sun, the rotation of the sun in its orbit, the rotation of galaxies, the ebb and flow of the tides, the beating of the heart, the ups and downs of life, honor, and essence – all are subject to the law of order and organization. Our existence is also subject to this same order and organization, and we cannot step outside of its environment.

Just as planets revolving around the sun cannot escape their orbits, human existence cannot go beyond the orbit of order and organization in its movements and appearances.

The human body and existence are like a small basin that takes water from a large ocean. Just as the water in the ocean ebbs and flows, the water in this basin also ebbs and flows with the same tides and becomes subject to the ocean’s water level. Similarly, all this order and organization are imposed upon us involuntarily, and we cannot escape its environment.

Just as a musical note outside the regular and orderly musical system can ruin the entire system, and just as a soldier’s step, if not synchronized with other soldiers’ steps, can ruin the entire group’s movement, if a natural thing in the human body does not conform to the law of order and organization, it will make all or part of it sick.

Based on the examples given, it can be said that order and organization in the human respiratory system will have another effect that is not present in irregular breathing. In childhood, we unconsciously breathe correctly and regularly, but as we grow up, we replace the correct method with the wrong one. In the human body, there are actions, reactions, and oscillations that require complete coordination with willpower and decision-making, and this coordination requires a full need for regular lung movement and breathing.

Why should we not increase the flow of prana in our body with the help of willpower and decision-making and bring this vital element to our nerves and organs one by one? If you get used to regular breathing, you will reach a point where you supply a large and extraordinary amount of prana to your body and increase your willpower and strength by supplying it to your nerves and cells.

In regular breathing, the only thing you need to learn is order and organization in breathing, and although it may seem difficult at first, with a little attention and practice, it will be seen that it is not difficult at all.

Regular Breathing and Heartbeat: Since the heartbeat is not the same in all individuals, we need to be fully familiar with how it works and its condition. The best way to become familiar with it is to take our own pulse for a few days when we are alone and comfortable.

We should use our right hand to take our pulse and count our heartbeats without diverting our attention elsewhere: one-two-three-four-five-six, and remember the number of beats and intervals. A unit of heartbeat is counted from one beat to the next. Regular breathing should be counted on these units of heartbeat.

The rule for regular breathing is as follows: The duration of exhaling air from the lungs should be the same as the duration of inhaling air into the lungs, and holding the breath in the lungs should be half the duration of inhaling and exhaling air. Sit on an ordinary chair in a room alone and let all your limbs and muscles relax naturally without contracting.

Wait for a while until the body is completely relaxed, and while holding your left hand with your right hand and feeling the regular and orderly movement of your pulse under your finger, take a deep breath. While inhaling gently, count 6 pulses and hold your breath, and wait for 3 pulses to beat, then start exhaling air from your lungs and count another 6 pulses of your pulse, and relax for 3 seconds, and repeat the same process again.

Do not perform this exercise more than 2 to 3 times in the first few days because it may tire the lung muscles. After repeating this exercise for a few days and becoming fully proficient, you can gradually lengthen the duration of your breathing. However, do not forget the aforementioned rule under any circumstances.

The important thing is not just the duration of breathing, but the regularity and orderliness of breathing, which results in amazing breathing. This breathing changes a person’s internal and external appearance.

A special power will govern the entire body, both externally and internally, and you will see these changes significantly during daily exercises. These individuals portray an image of orderliness, neatness, happiness, and nobility in walking, interacting with others, social gatherings, and life.

Magnetic or Dynamic Breathing: Why have I named this breathing method (dynamic) or magnetic?

Have you ever paid attention to how a dynamo machine works?

During its operation, the machine produces and distributes several electrical components. In fact, breathing is also a (dynamo) in the human body. Through breathing, vital matter is taken from space and transferred to the body, and the more accurately and methodically this vital matter is taken and enters the body through the use of reason and consciousness, the better the result will be in the human body.

Magnetic breathing, which Hindus call spiritual breathing, is the same breathing method that strengthens spiritual powers and actually enters humans into spiritual dimensions. This breathing method is accompanied by the (regular breathing) method and requires more focus and concentration. Here, you will enter the world of visualization, which is one of the spiritual dimensions.

During breathing, it is necessary to visualize with all your mental strength that the (prana) taken from the environment enters the lungs and all your energy reaches all parts of your body, muscles, and nervous system from your brain to your feet. This is also called the act of guidance.

It means that by using mental power and visualizing the flow of (prana) in the body, you guide it to all parts of the body or even to a specific point. As mentioned, practice, discipline, and order are necessary for these moments, and gradually, exercises show their difficult aspects.

In a room with clear air or in a courtyard or garden, lie on your back and wait for your body to settle in a calm state, then breathe without considering the rhythm of your breathing.

After regulating the breathing rhythm and continuing it comfortably, visualize the following flows:

1. In your mental powers, visualize that your breathing flows in the bones of your feet, entering and exiting just as if your bones were hollow from the inside.

2. After performing this action correctly, direct your visualization to your hands and elbows.

3. Then perform the same action in your arms and legs.

4. Move the air through your skull, forehead, and eyes.

5. Move the air through your entire chest, underbelly, vertebrae, and along the spinal column.

6. Now, introduce the air into your skin, and finally, with one breath, lift the air from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and release it again.

This is called spiritual breathing, and many geniuses in the world have regularly performed these exercises.

The secrets of sexuality and the power of creation: Nature has recognized the female gender as a symbol of love, attraction, and the male gender as a symbol of power and influence. Nature has assigned duties to each gender according to their specific conditions. It must be acknowledged that women are the main center and source of love and affection in human life.

Cosmic evolution has created an attraction and power in women that soothes the aggressive and positive spirit of men and puts them in a natural oscillation.

In women, the center of maternal emotions, sorrow, and selflessness has been created, which forces them to be steadfast and sacrificial until their last moments. Although some believe that nature has created a weaker evolution for women and placed them under the protection of men, the reality is very different from this claim.

The same sensitivity and acceptance of strong emotions are the most powerful weapons that cosmic evolution has equipped women with, and with these two weapons, women are always proud of their victory over men. However, unlike women, cosmic evolution has created positive and influential power in men, which is progressing without stopping in the world.

This power is spinning in the pursuit of knowledge, exploration, wisdom, ability, and influence. Cosmic evolution has made men’s power influential and progressive and made women’s power attractive. If we open our eyes and observe the effects and secrets of evolution in the world and look at the sun and planets, we will still see the reminder and the negative polarity.

The sun is the male gender and its influence is attracted by planets, and they receive the fertile seed from it and become fertile, carrying out the duty assigned to them by nature.

In this vast and complex system, from minerals and plants to animals and complete humans, all are somehow dependent on the secrets of sexuality, which the essence of evolution employs, and none of them can have an external appearance without sexual processes.

Defying any of these laws of nature leads to destruction, confusion, and obedience to these laws is the path to health, superiority, and promotion.

Sexual activity between two women or two men is contrary to the order and laws of nature and does not lead to anything but destruction and annihilation, while the union of a man and a woman through marriage creates the center of life and subsequently prepares for the birth of another infant. (The discussion of women and men with same-sex tendencies is not included in this discussion).

A fetus is formed by the fusion of two sperm and egg cells from a man and a woman, and as soon as this fusion and combination takes place, the body of the human being gains the pleasure and happiness that the complete power has deposited in it.

It brings about the power of love, attraction, influence, and acceptance of sensitivity during the evolution cycle, manifesting itself in both men and women and in a moment, a man and a woman who were nothing but ordinary individuals become a father and a mother, and the greatest act of nature is performed, which is the birth of another life.

In this interaction, if a woman brings a baby into the world with a pure soul and a newborn nature, it is the same thing that is the positive result of marriage, and the newborn is a manifestation of beauty, freshness, goodness, and purity.

Respect for nature: The essence of “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” is based on pure spirituality, and in order to practice breathing exercises and even learn medical science, one must pay attention to the core and spiritual powers that both contain elements of failure and victory.

From ancient times to modern times, sexual issues have always been a significant factor in important events, and it can even be boldly stated that they have been the cause of historic events.

In the modern world, and with the decline of ethics, this issue has become particularly sensitive. Both spiritually and psychologically, sexual issues are very important. Therefore, I deemed it necessary to address this issue to better understand it in future topics and discussions.

For now, it is enough to say that according to “Eastern medical sciences and philosophy,” sexual matters are a significant factor in many diseases or a therapeutic agent. You may spend all your time on physical, spiritual, and even spiritual exercises, but ignorance and neglect of sexual matters, excess, or moderation can render all your efforts futile, and as a result, without realizing it, you will not only gain no benefit from these exercises but will also undoubtedly become ill. Just as in all matters, moderation and balance are the key to achieving results, in sexual matters, the key to achieving results is balance.

Understanding and utilizing sexual powers and abilities is the secret to happiness, love, and complete power. Consuming these powers and abilities out of ignorance results in nothing but losing all the spiritual and complete power and happiness advantages that come with their evolution. If you use all your power to maintain this ability, it will be exactly contrary to nature, and you will openly lose a part of your body. The slightest blow you will suffer will be a curvature, weakness of the nervous system, and useless burning of body cells, obesity, paralysis of cognitive and reasoning abilities, and subsequently, many other discomforts. If, on the contrary, you choose excess, you will only benefit from this evolution for a while, and then, like a tree that has burned all its energy, it will wither from the root. In both cases, and especially for younger people, there will be serious damage, the most severe of which is the loss of analytical brain power.

Perhaps at first, it may not be apparent, but over time, which is not that long, the brain uses all the stored information to prevent further damage due to the loss of analytical power in the received data. Some may argue that shouldn’t the brain use all stored information to be better for humans?

No, it is not like that: Under normal circumstances and based on thousands of years of experience, a person can deal with several different issues without causing harm to their brain cells. However, in situations where the brain itself wants to attack all information for further damage, we can become affected by various and sometimes specific diseases. Even our brains observe moderation in providing information to our nervous systems.

Today, no matter how logical and reasonable we talk to young people, they still repeat their mistakes under the pretext of personal experience, regardless of the fact that they know they do not need to experience everything because if we put ourselves to the test repeatedly without spiritual and mental training, we will become ill. None of the masters will deny that success comes from testing and experience, but using the experiences of others reduces our need for useless testing and experience, and the path to success will become smoother, safer, and faster.

Some young people may ask if there is a useful solution to this problem. The answer is positive. In “Oriental Sciences and Philosophy” we call this solution “changing the nature of the power.” Instead of risking the health of our spirit and mind for immediate pleasure and satisfaction, we can use this evolutionary gift to do other things. The sperm, whether in men or women, is the best and strongest factor that can be used for organs, nerves, and spiritual powers.

It is sheer madness to use this natural principle without considering its properties and powers in the body and to lose it for instant pleasure. We can use this power source, which can be used for spiritual and physical powers, by changing the nature of the power and turning it into a means of strengthening the spirit and body. Changing the nature of the power will give you the ultimate power and evolution in all your actions and behaviors.

This power and evolution gradually give you self-control and make you appear powerful and courageous in front of yourself and others. Evolution has created the central nucleus (prana) in the sperm of men and women, and just as the largest particles of existence come from the smallest particles in atoms, the greatest power of life has been placed in the smallest nucleus of the sperm.

The reproductive system is the largest and most powerful (Changing the nature of force) of life, and this power can be used for the renewal of physical and spiritual life and its promotion. As soon as the unused sperm accumulates, it opens its way to the brain through the spinal column and reaches the central nervous system and enters the brain.

The method of changing the nature of the power is very simple, and anyone can use this method from the first hour to achieve results. It can be used at any time, but the best time is when the psychological impulse becomes extremely severe because it is at this time that the power of creation uses all its power to consume and renew it, and it is precisely at this time that we can change the nature and use of the aforementioned power. Dear young man, when you can resist the temptation of attractive bodies, captivating eyes, and movements of one or several girls, and redirect that intense energy that seeks your consent towards your soul and mind, then you can experience the path of complete power and attain it.

Dear young lady, if you can achieve this level of control in your solitude, where you are in control of your nerves, organs, limbs, and thoughts in moments of passing sexual desires, and strengthen your mental power even for those fleeting moments, then you can be sure that you have experienced the peak of happiness in life. It is not claimed that everyone can control this power, but it is recommended that you practice it, even if you reach its minimum level, so that you will not regret those moments in the future.

Snake, who is stinging her own tail: This method is indeed difficult because the person who wants to try it must suppress their sexual desires and not engage in sexual pleasure under any circumstances, and eliminate that feeling within themselves. Of course, In the position of a Professor, I do not recommend this method because it can severely disturb moderation. However, in any case, this is one of the methods for spiritual understanding, and I cannot explain it further.