Oriental Sciences and Philosophy

World Society of the Subjective Physics Sciences


Prof.Abdolreza Shahrabi Farahani

Oriental Sciences and Philosophy from Iran

Prof.Seyed Vahab Mirsalehi

Oriental Sciences and Philosophy from Iran

Prof.Jacob Jacobus Jansen Van Vuuren

African Traditional Medicine from South Africa

Prof.Han Tung Chang

The Surgeon M.D Ph.D and Acupuncture from Taiwan

Prof.Isoharu Watanabe

Japanese Martial Arts from Japan

Prof.Zohreh Jamshidi

Bioenergy Acupuncture and Skin-Therapy from Iran

Prof.Gholamreza Gholami

Karate-Do Sciences from Iran

Mohammadreza Zamani Darmazari (FARHANGH)

Lawyer, Human Rights from Iran

Prof.Gilberto Pauciullo

Chinese Martial Arts from Italy

Hanshi, Saito Mutsunori

Soubukai-Karate Do from Japan

Dr.Brandon Laszlo Halasz

Alternative Medicine from Greece

Dr.Ernie Reynolds

Shiatso-Therapy from America

Hanshi,Yukihiro Fukumoto

Karate-Do Sciences from Japan

Dr.Hendrik Strauss

Cognitive Science from South Africa

Dr.Rafael Moreno Paredes

Acupuncture and Shiatsu from Venezuela

Dr.Fatemeh Safaee Moghadam

Clinical Psychology from Iran

Prof.Seyed Alireza Azimi

Acupuncture from Russian

Dr.Reza Ahmadi

Nutrition and Diet-Therapy from Iran

Dr.Ali Mohammad Fos,hati

Herbal-Therapy from Iran

Dr.Zeynab Daliri

Evolutionary Developmental Biology from Iran

Hanshi, MirShahab Mirsalehi

Oriental Science and Philosophy from Iran

Prof.Reza kanani Fashtami

Acupuncture and Herbal-Therapy from Iran

Dr.Alireza Arab Ameri

Iranian Traditional Medicine

Dr.Hamidreza Hoshyar

Management of Sports Science from Iran

Prof.Naser Shokoh Far

Acupuncture and Shiatso-Therapy from Iran

Prof.Aminreza Arab

Shiatsu-Therapy from Iran

Dr.Peyman Ahmadi Jafari

Human Rights from Belgium